​We strive to make shopping online for our antique furniture and art objects actually easier than shopping at physical antique shops. The most important part of your experience is delivery and we take pride in offering a delivery that is free of effort or concern at your end!

We know from personal and professional experience that the primary concern in delivering our antique items is cost and quality of delivery. Based on our extensive experience, we select and contract couriers who provide vetted insurance and 100% proven reliable service and blanket wrap all furniture to ensure it reaches you in the same condition it has left. 

We get outstanding service from these private couriers, but we do ask that you be patient on timing. Depending on the route, it can sometimes take up to two weeks for a delivery to arrive. The drivers are often accepting additional items up until the day they leave for the trip to ensure it is a profitable delivery, so timing can fluctuate and they would ask that you are flexible.

We quote a flat rate for each piece to anywhere in the country, handle everything behind the scenes and keep you actively up to date on the details. Delivery times are up to three weeks (Scotland and Northern Ireland), though it is the rule rather than the exception that items can be delivered within ten working days especially if you are near a major city or along a driver’s route. The only effort required from you is flexibility on the day of delivery - because the drivers must move fast in order to stay profitable, you will have to work around their schedule for the day of delivery.

If speed is a priority to you please let us know. However, this is a premium service and is not quoted in our shipping. If you are interested in this option, we can get a quote together quickly for you. Local pickup is free and welcomed but an appointment must be booked with us.

All of our quoted shipping costs are for shipping to anywhere within the UK mainland. However, some remote locations like the Highlands of Scotland and Northern Ireland may require a specific quotation.​

International buyers must contact us for a quote prior to purchase.