This is a fabulous and rare tall 19th century (c 1860) oil lamp with a magnificient cut glass shade and stunning cut glass reservoir cradled on a pierced brass basket. The lamp is supported by a brass column to a loaded stepped base with the trademark of Smith & Chamberlain of Birmingham.
This stunning oil lamp retains all of its original parts. The acid etched cut glass shade is simply a work of art with its festoons of flowers and leaves. The tall crystal chimney glass is stamped “Anchor Fire Proof” and sit on the Rowatt’s & Sons double burner. The burner is a rare Victorian superb quality double wick burner
Thomas Rowatt and Sons were lamp and stove manufacturers in the late 19th century. Better known for patenting the Anucapnic (smokeless) oil lamp.
The burner has a bayonet fitter and nicely working extinguisher. Both wick winders have black ceramic inserts clearly marked 'Tho. Rowatt & Sons'.
The burner crown and galleries can be removed for cleaning with a bayonet action. The integral shade gallery is a jewel in pierced brass, I have never seen nicer. The exstinguisher raising leaver enables lighting of the wicks without removing the glass chimney.
All the brass is of a good heavy gauge and in very good condition with no stress cracks.

The cut glass reservoir complements the superior quality of this lamp with its dazzling cut faceted wide rim and the brilliant crystal of the lower side of the reservoir. To enhance the effect of the cut glass a beautiful brass pierced cradle provides the hold for the lamp.

The lamp thus stands on the loaded, stepped brass square foot with the trade mark Smith & Chamberlain Birmingham.

This is a magnificent collectors tall column oil lamp which is in full working order and is in excellent antique condition.


H: 81cm (32 inches)

H chimney: 26 cm (10 inches)

H shade: 19 cm (7.5 inches)

D reservoir: 15 cm (6 inches)

W base: 13.5 cm (5 ¼ inches)

Condition report: The oil lamp is in remarkable c

19th C Victorian (c 1860) Tall Oil Lamp