This is a superb and rare late 19th century (c 1890) Art Nouveau, Arts and Craft brass and copper oil lamp with a beautiful blue tinted floral etched crimped shade.
This rare lamp is in the Art Nouveau, Arts and Craft design with beautiful structural flowing lines and great stylish details. The oil lamp stands on a solid brass tripod with an upside down flower shaped bridge in copper. Underneath this there is a lead weight circulate plate with the number 3634 and an original label suggesting the lamp was either purchased or brought it for servicing at C.E. Smith in Clare, Suffolk The feet of the oil lamp rise and split into two arms holding a ring that cradles the lamp reservoir. This design is an abstract resembling arms stretched backwards and carrying the cradle of the lamp itself. At the centre there is a column to ensure stability to the lamp. The arms are secured on to the ring by flush brass screws. The reservoir has a brass upper part and houses the Messenger’s N2 patented bayonet double burner. The tall glass chimney is stamped “Anchor Fire Proof” and sit on the double burner.
The single wick winder has a ceramic insert clearly marked “Messenger’s N2”. The integral shade gallery is a jewel in pierced brass, I have never seen nicer. The extinguisher raising leaver enables lighting of the wicks without removing the glass chimney. All the brass is of a good heavy gauge and in very good condition with no stress cracks.

The blue tinted floral etched crimped shade is a lovely contrast in colour and is simply a work of art with its lively festoons of flowers.

Samuel S Messenger was one of the distinguished and prolific English designers and makers of chandeliers, candelabra, lamps and gas fittings going back as far as 1810. Messenger and Phipson at their height of their design and manufacturing careers were leaders of “plated goods. This oil lamp is believed to be designed and manufactured towards the latter period of Messenger & Sons product

Art Nouveau Samuel S Messenger’s (c 1890) Oil Lamp