This is a wonderful Regency gilded girandole convex mirror in wood and gesso dating to approximately 1815. The mirror is surmounted by an eagle with chains terminating with tassel swags hanging from the beak. There are two stems reaching out – each decorated with acanthus foliage, terminating in brass candle sconces. The mirror is further embellished by a plain ebonized bezel framing and inner beaded borders. There is a shell and scroll at the bottom of the mirror to counter balance the important top decorations.
This is an antique convex mirror referred to as girandole. The term girandole has been used to describe several different type of objects through the centuries. In the 17th and 18th centuries the term typically referred to any type of wall mounted lighting fixture with one or more candle arms and a mirror to reflect the candle light back into the room. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the term girandole came to refer to a round, gilded frame, either with or without candle arms, holding a convex mirror.

This is a beautiful mirror in its authentic Regency period style ready to grace your home.

Condition report: The gilded girandole mirror is estimated to be almost 200 years old and as with most antiques it shows signs of age and use. This is an old piece that has been dusted off but not restored in anyway. The plinth of the eagle was repaired in the past and the crack repainted. There are minor areas where the gilt has chipped for example on the side of the sphere on the left and in few areas on the outside of the frame. The lower acanthus leaf of the right arm is damaged. The end stems of the arms have been repaired and re-painted. The brass sconces although matching nicely to the mirror, it is our believe they are of a later date. The mirror has a small, sand grain speck. All of the above are a testimony of the age and use of this very fine girandole mirror which is very beautiful. Please review carefully the photographs to see the items list

Regency (c 1815) Gilded Girandole Convex Mirror